Bruce L. Hudson

Bruce L. Hudson was born, raised, and educated in Delaware. He has spent his entire, almost 40-year, law career representing victims of accidents and medical malpractice in his home state.

Named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and a Super Lawyer by Superlawyer Magazine, Hudson’s decision to become a lawyer came a little later than most. After receiving his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Delaware, he found that work as an economist in the Delaware State Planning Office was not for him.

He subsequently earned his law degree from Widener University, and immediately opened his own law practice. Rather than joining a large firm, he relished the challenge of making it on his own. Hudson preferred the personal touch of working for and helping individuals, rather than moving money between companies.

It didn’t take long before his successful business began to concentrate on representing victims in serious injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. There is nothing more important to Hudson than using his extensive legal skills and knowledge of his native state to make a difference in people’s lives.

Bruce Hudson’s good friend and fellow lawyer, Ben Castle, had retired from a large Wilmington, DE law firm, when the two decided in 2011 to merge their decades of experience. Hudson likes that they remain a small firm and still approach each case with passion and dedication. Their size allows them to focus their energy, time, and resources on a smaller volume of cases, giving them greater flexibility and independence to react quickly whenever a case requires it. “Each case is not just a file. We get to know clients by name and face and become integrated into their lives,” said Hudson.

Being a small firm, however, does not limit Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC to small cases. Ben and Bruce  completed a three-year case as lead counsel in representing hundreds of sexual abuse victims against the pedophile pediatrician, Earl Bradley. Over 1200 victims were affirmatively identified and compensated by the $123,000,000 settlement that makes this case the largest number of sexual abuse victims by a single pedophile ever documented.