Case Results

  • $127 million settlement. Lead counsel in class action involving more than 1,200 children who were sexually abused by their pediatrician, Earl Bradley.
  • $5 million verdict.  23-year old female with colon cancer that was undiagnosed by a primary care physician for two years despite repeated complaints by the patient of rectal bleeding.
  • $3 million verdict.  Birth injury resulting in nerve damage to baby’s arm caused by obstetrician applying excessive traction to the baby’s head
  • $3 million settlement.  Wrongful death settlement involving husband and wife who died from an electrical house fire resulting from damage to exterior wiring caused by a tree service.
  • $1 million settlement.  Negligent biopsy of melanoma lesion by primary care physician resulting in the death of a patient.
  • Settlement of nerve injury (Erb’s Palsy) to baby suffered during mismanaged delivery.
  • Confidential settlement of dangerous product design of a commercial meat grinder that caused limb amputation.
  • Settlement of improper tractor-trailer lane change, causing collision and injury.
  • Confidential settlement of infection injuries caused by hospital’s misuse of medication vials.

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