For-profit nursing homes across the country are profit centers for owners and investors and the care provided to residents suffer as a result.  Investors in nursing homes are creative and hide their profits by charging high management fees back to the nursing home as well as exorbitant amounts in rent. They then use the small profits or losses of the nursing home to justify staffing shortage, low pay for staff, or equipment shortages. We have exposed these issues in many nursing home cases. In our experience handling nursing home lawsuits, the staff often complains that they are paid too little, do not have enough staff to care for their residents, or do not have the equipment that they need to care for their patients. For instance, they may not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to change between patients, they may be forced to treat too many patients so they do not have time to wash their hands in-between every patient interaction, or they may not have the correct pressure reducing devices, such as special mattresses, to reduce the risk and help cure bed sores. With the onset of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), these issues have come to the forefront. The New York Times published an article on May 7, 2020, titled, “Push for Profits Left Nursing Homes Struggling to Provide Care†where they expose the issues with for-profit nursing homes and how they hide the money. The full article can be read here:

(note: a free subscription is required to view) Governors in several states are considering immunity for nursing homes in their response to COVID-19. This would reward the misdeeds of the for-profit nursing homes and punish the families who lost loved ones. Nursing homes must be held accountable. Our history of handling nursing home cases in Delaware has demonstrated time and time again that nursing homes cut corners in order to increase their profit margins.  It is unfortunate that it took COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to uncover these hidden truths, but it is fortunate that the federal government is now investigating. We can only hope that nursing homes take note and adjust their practices. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to nursing home abuse or neglect, or became infected with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) while in a nursing home please call us to see if you have a case–(302) 428-8800. We are currently investigating several other similar cases.

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