Nursing home abuse is the mistreatment of older adults in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There is never a good reason for any abuse, though sometimes the staff in these settings can vent their anger or frustration on elderly residents and patients.

Elder abuse is not limited to physical violence, according to Abuse can be any harm, including physical or emotional injuries, sexual assault, and financial exploitation.

The most common type of abuse in nursing homes is emotional abuse. If you suspect your loved one is being mistreated in a nursing home, contact our legal team: (302) 428-8800.

What are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

As many as one in three older people have been victims of nursing home abuse, according to Elder abuse can cause emotional distress, fear, depression, and harm—even death.

While abuse comes in many forms and signs will vary, the one thing you can watch for is a pattern. According to, these are some of the markers you can watch for, including:

  • A pattern of hospitalization or similar, recurring injuries
  • Delayed medical care for an injury
  • Poor explanations or information from your loved one’s care team
  • Trips to the emergency room

If you are suspicious of abuse, contact our legal team to discuss your concerns: (302) 428-8800.

How Do I Approach the Nursing Home if I Suspect Abuse?

The number one goal is to protect your loved one from harm. Abuse allegations, if proven, can put a caregiver in jail. Sometimes elderly individuals self-harm due to illness or a family member is responsible.

Until you have more proof, it’s essential to take careful steps. As a starting point, you can ask basic questions of the lead physician or share concerns with the nursing home director.

If your loved one has been neglected, abused, or exploited, our legal team can help you determine the best approach based on our experiences, including assisting with an investigation.

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How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Victims of elder abuse can experience physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and financial abuse.

Discovering that your loved one isn’t safe and well-taken care of is stressful and traumatic. Warning signs can be challenging to detect, though if you suspect something is wrong, our legal team can offer the support and timely action you need to conduct an investigation and validate your concerns.

In our experience, nursing homes want to avoid costly legal battles. We will guide you through the stages, from pleadings to discovery to settlement negotiations. Contact our law firm to discuss your potential elder abuse case: (302) 428-8800.