Wilmington, DE
I am very proud and honored to have known this firm's Administrative Assistant, Sandy Jannie, for several years. Her professionalism, impeccable attention to detail and just outstanding compassion and ability to listen and care extends to all aspects of her life, in and out of the office. Ms. Jannie's excellent representation reflects favorably and lays good groundwork for the service and attention a client would receive with this firm. Her deep consideration and respect for the feelings of clients and co-workers is an extension of her strong family ties, commitment to animal rescue/welfare and just caring about all she encounters on a daily basis. It is certainly comforting to a client or potential client for Sandy Jannie to be the initial contact/representative. She is indispensable in keeping it all together for office members and clients and invaluable in projecting a favorable consideration for using this firm. Submitted by Elisa Lewis