Wilmington, DE
Thank heavens for Joshua Inkell! My sister was involved in a debilitating automobile accident; she needed many months of hospitalization and rehabilitation. Her situation was complicated by the fact that she has a mental disability, lives on disability, and receives Medicaid. The legal labyrinth that stretched before my sister seemed hopeless. I did not know how to help her. The best decision I made, was to have my sister take council from Joshua Inkell. Josh became my sister’s champion right away! He took the time to visit my immobilized sister at her home and got to know her entire situation. Having compassionate council for my sister was a great relief to me. An even greater relief was Josh’s aggressive representation! Josh took on • the individual who collided with the car my sister was riding in (and their lawyers), • auto insurance (Josh made sure both sides paid), • Medicaid (he saved my sister thousands of dollars by successfully negotiating a lower payment), • the hospital, • the medical collection agencies (exposing and turning back their dirty tricks), and • the avalanche of paperwork and mail that frightened and aggravated my sister. Josh was very thorough; he made sure my sister got her physical therapy and he made sure my sister’s settlement was protected from legal issues that we were unaware of. If you need a champion that is aggressive and thorough, call Joshua Inkell. I’m glad we did! I said it once and I’ll say it again: Thank heavens for Joshua Inkell!