We expect nursing homes and other institutional care facilities to provide a safe environment for the people who live there. Unfortunately, this trust can be broken if abuse or neglect occurs. If the abuse or neglect results from poor supervision, inadequate staffing or training, or a lack of commitment to the standard of care that an aged or disabled resident needs, your family may have a claim for damages based on negligence.

The personal injury attorneys at Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC advise and represent clients in lawsuits for damages against nursing homes, assisted living centers and other residential care facilities. If you are concerned about the welfare of an elderly or vulnerable loved one who might be suffering from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, we can help. Our attorneys have over 90 years combined experience dealing with these types of claims and can provide you with the best legal representation to help you achieve justice.

Examples of the injuries that can result from abuse or neglect at a nursing home or other care facilities include the following:

  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Serious stage 3 or stage 4 pressure sores, bedsores, or other symptoms of decubitus
  • Infections or illnesses caused by unsanitary building conditions or inadequate assistance with personal hygiene
  • Medication errors such as failure to administer prescription drugs, improper dosing of medications, or failure to take drug interactions into account
  • Falls and fractures resulting from unattended or unsupervised walks through hallways or the facility grounds
  • Physical or sexual assault by employees or other residents
  • Wandering off

Our familiarity with the investigation and proof of claims against nursing homes in cases of neglect or mistreatment, can help you hold accountable those responsible for you or a loved one’s injury.

Well known and respected by their colleagues in the legal profession, attorneys Bruce Hudson and Josh Inkell will work to achieve justice for you and your family.

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