Dental Malpractice

Going to the dentist can be a daunting experience. You trust your dentist and dental office personnel to provide you with the best possible care. Unfortunately, people have suffered needless injury because of carelessness or negligence by a dentist or dental office employee. Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC have helped those who have endured dental malpractice by achieving justice for their physical, emotional and financial difficulties.

Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC offers comprehensive counsel to people who have suffered injury because of the carelessness, negligence or malpractice of a dentist or dental office personnel. We handle cases involving:

  • Orthodontic negligence, including placing bands too tightly, causing pain as well as temporary or permanent misplacement of teeth
  • Nerve damage resulting from the negligent administration of anesthesia or from lack of care while extracting a molar or other tooth
  • Injuries to sinuses or inadequate bone grafting during dental implant procedures
  • Infections caused by perforations in gums or other tissue during root canal or other procedures.

In addition, we have managed cases concerning dentists who failed to stay current on methods or procedures for addressing dental issues, as well as situations involving intentional wrongdoing. For example, we successfully brought legal action against a dentist who would do fillings without drilling out any tooth decay, a procedure that resulted in abscesses in many patients. In addition to an award of compensatory damage, the jury also awarded punitive damages against the dentist because of his willful and wanton violations of the minimum standard of care required of Delaware dentists. We have also handled a case involving an oral surgeon who administered anesthesia by IV in the patient’s wrist, causing nerve damage and permanent numbness in the patient’s hand.

Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC brings more than 50 years combined experience to people throughout Delaware who have been injured due to dental malpractice. We combine extensive experience with a deep commitment to provide the highest levels of client service and individualized personal attention. We use sophisticated case management technology to track all the details of your case, so that we can focus our energy and effort on getting full and fair compensation for your losses.

Well-known and respected by their colleagues in the legal profession, attorneys Bruce Hudson and Josh Inkell will work to achieve justice for you and your family.

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