Construction Accidents

Injuries on the job can present special problems for accident victims and their lawyers. While in most cases it is not necessary to prove that an employer or any other party was at fault in establishing the right to workers’ compensation benefits, those benefits do not include the overall damages that can be recovered in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

The attorneys at Hudson, Castle & Inkell, LLC help injured construction workers recover damages for injuries suffered in accidents on the job at building sites, in maintenance or repair projects, or in highway or infrastructure development.

They will analyze the circumstances of your construction site or industrial accident to see whether a non-employer defendant might prove to be responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. In construction work especially, where many different companies operate under different contracts on the same project, it is not unusual to find that a delivery driver, material or equipment supplier, or even the property owner might be responsible for dangerous conditions resulting in accidents such as:

  • Catwalk or scaffolding accidents
  • Falls from ladders or roofs
  • Fires, explosions, or electrocutions
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Excavation accidents
  • Crushing or pinning injuries involving heavy equipment
  • Vehicle accidents involving dump trucks, delivery trucks or vans, equipment haulers, or repair trucks

Well-known and respected by their colleagues in the legal profession, attorneys Bruce Hudson and Josh Inkell will work to achieve justice for you and your family.

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