From 1992-1998 there were 21 cases reported by State Farm Insurance to National Highway Safety Traffic Administration regarding automobile collisions involving tread separation on Firestone ATX tires.  Fourteen of those vehicles reported were Ford Explorers and wore Firestone ATX tires. By 1999, there were 30 more cases reported.  The toll quickly grew to 88 known … Continue reading Firestone and Ford: The Sometimes Lethal Combination

A lawsuit seeking an injunction requiring automakers to install automatic shut-off features on all existing and future vehicles sold with keyless ignitions was filed in Los Angeles on August 26, 2015 against ten of the world’s biggest automakers. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford are some of the automakers facing a class action lawsuit … Continue reading Keyless Ignition Starts Trouble

The Takata airbag defect – a new autotomobile products liability issue has drawn the nation’s attention as multiple deaths and severe injuries have been linked to exploding airbags. The airbag manufacturers, Honda and Takata, may have known about this problem for a decade but failed to do what was necessary to protect consumers by correcting the … Continue reading Takata Airbag Defect : Products Liability