Update: Genesis in Milford, DE has “Dozens of COVID-19 cases” according to Delaware State News (4/15/20). According to the article, 55 residents and 13 employees have tested positive for the disease. https://delawarestatenews.net/coronavirus/report-dozens-of-covid-19-cases-at-genesis-care-center-in-milford/ The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (“CMS”) has already begun its investigation of nursing homes for violations related to the handling of COVID-19 … Continue reading GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATING NURSING HOME CULPABILITY FOR COVID-19 (CORONA VIRUS) INFECTIONS

U.S. doctors start their residencies (in hospital training) each July 1 in thousands of “teaching hospitals” nationwide. In 2012 the influx was noted as nearly 37,000 interns and other trainees. The result? An abundance of current teams of experienced residents leave “teaching hospitals” and are replaced by trainees fresh out of medical school. The notion … Continue reading The July Effect: An Urban Myth?

The civil justice system plays a key role in women’s health that many people are unaware of.  Access to the civil justice system makes women’s health safer and helps keep corporate misconduct in check when regulators of medical devices have been unwilling to rank the health of women above financial profit.  Corporations have rushed products … Continue reading The Civil Justice System: Supporting Women’s Health

The Essure System was approved and marketed as a non-incisional approach to permanent birth control by the FDA on November 4, 2002.  The Essure procedure involves placing a small, flexible device called a micro-insert into each of your fallopian tubes.  The inserts are made from polyester fibers and metals (nickel-titanium and stainless steel).  Once the … Continue reading The Essure System : Evaluating The Contraceptive Device

AARP reported in an article dated October, 2012 that an elderly patient, Jean Arnua, spent five days in the hospital for a fractured spine following an emergency room visit.  Neither she nor her family was aware that Jean had never been “formally” admitted to the hospital.  The stay was recorded as “observation” and not “in … Continue reading Medicare’s Stringent Requirements For Post Hospital Care

The Washington Post recently reported that a Vienna, Virginia man pressed the “record” button on his smartphone prior to the start of his colonoscopy with the intention of recording post-op instructions the doctor would give him following the procedure. The man’s phone, which was left in his pants, was placed beneath the surgical table and … Continue reading ANESTHESIOLOGIST TRASHES SEDATED PATIENT AND PAYS FOR IT!