Joshua J. Inkell

Joshua J. Inkell was born in New Hampshire and relocated to the eastern shore of Maryland when his father was transferred to Ft. Meade, Maryland with the United States Army.  He grew up on the Chesapeake Bay where he grew to love all things outdoors.

A large part of his early years were spent working in the service business as a deck hand on a local ferry boat; and waiting tables and bartending.  These customer service skills shine through to this day as he treats each client with the dedication and respect they deserve.

After representing insurance companies, medical institutions and nursing homes for the past seven years, Josh has decided to use his knowledge, training and experience for good – to serve those who have been injured by the wrongdoing of others.

Josh’s unique perspective allows him to anticipate those who seek to take advantage of unrepresented victims (or those with inadequate representation) by providing little to no compensations for victims of their wrongdoing.

Furthermore, Josh’s pre-attorney experience in hospitality management shines through in the exceptional service he provides to his clients.

When not practicing law, Josh enjoys the company of his family and looks forward to spending time on the Chesapeake Bay.  He also continues to serve his country as a reserve officer attorney (J.A.G.) in the United States Army with the Delaware Army National Guard.